League meets Magic!

Fields of Eleria, where Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) meets the strategic deck-building and tactical gameplay of traditional collectible card games (CCGs). This is League meets Magic in a high fantasy world with a touch of sci-fi, where you customize your deck, tune it to your play style and strategy, manage your heroes, and power through three lanes of combat to siege your opponent's Core!

Featuring an array of over 40 Heroes to build around, with more coming with each expansion, Fields of Eleria has an ever-growing number of deck-building options that can let you cater to virtually every play style and strategy. Build a fast aggro deck, a mid-range control goodstuffs deck, solo-mid attack damage carry focus, combo, all minions, fortification build, faction-centric, whatever your heart desires.  Fields of Eleria offers you a competitive environment and gives you all the tools upfront to play to your heart's content with.

Every copy of Fields of Eleria will feature all the available cards in the set, no hunting for super rares, no losing because someone spent more money than you.  The playing field is level and it falls to you to rise to victory.



Current Print-and-Play Set (beta One)



Current Build Status:

11.13.2017 -- Beta testing is done, numbers are adjusted for the current build, and things feel "good."  We had an influx of new, local players pick up the trial decks we had for sale at the Maui Comic Con a couple of weeks ago and the feedback has been phenomenal. Lots of hype, lots of fun, tons of strategy with folks retooling their decks and playing impromptu mini tournaments.

The gallery preview and test set cards will be updated soon, we're trying our best to hit our 11.21.2017 launch target, but again, the game feels like it's in a great place and we think folks will really like what we have going on.

Quick preview of a few cards coming.

Current Test seT

Card gallery:

Some of the cards in our current test pool.


Vexic Swarm, Red Moon, and Espervale are the primary test pieces for the Beta One set. The Vexic focus primarily on quick aggression with some recursive warding. Red Moon builds up their heroes with gear, mainly weapons, and offers up the most versatile AD Carry in the game right now (Sachie with 7 inventory slots). Espervale is a bit of a love letter to the summons and summoners found in games like FInal Fantasy and Lord of Vermilion, where a summoner-class character facilitates and conjures forth powerful creatures to aid it in battle.

There are also a few adjustments to previous test cards, a simplification of Minions and their abilities, as well as the beginnings of frame UI variation.

Upcoming test set

The next batch will focus on Senda, Drenne, and Dayhas factions, along with incorporating most of the remaining gear cards. This will be ready within approximately two to three weeks.