Fields of Eleria

06.23.2017 -- Beta Two is coming along, should be wrapping up this weekend, possibly tomorrow night if my regular work gets done at a good pace. I'm still debating about having a giant test set put up on The Game Crafter, it makes the overall purchase higher and if you picked up set 1 you'll end up with some duplicate cards (some adjustments coming for some Beta One cards), but it'd be nice to have everything in one box. We'll see in a few days I guess.

Quick preview of a few cards coming.

06.07.2017 -- Fields of Eleria Beta One set is available for purchase through The Game Crafter, the company I've been using to make my prototypes. This is for folks who want a more robust playing experience that goes beyond what you get from a print-and-play set up: A full-color 305gsm 12-point blackcore matte card stock, 108 cards, tab-insert card box, double-sided quickstart rules sheet.

The cards will most likely change in the final, if not in stats than at least the card frame, these aren't the final versions. I'm offering this for those who like the feel of genuine cards to play with instead of cutting out print-and-play card sets, and if you want to own a piece of the game as it was being developed. Might be a bit of gaming memorabilia one day :-).

Beta One focuses primarily on the Red Moon and Vexic factions. Bugs and samurai everywhere with a small combo engine on the side; nothing breaking, from what I've tested so far, hopefully I haven't missed anything too bad.   I also wanted to introduce the Espervale, a small homage to summoners from games like Final Fantasy and Lord of Vermilion, with a primary Hero and a couple of Espers. There'll definitely be more to come in Beta Two.

Speaking of which, Beta Two as a set should be done in a couple of weeks, I'm retooling some of the Dayhas stuff and adjusting Senda's power levels; some cards felt really strong in testing while others fell a bit short. There'll also be the remaining Bastion cards along with supplemental gear pieces including armors and items that your Heroes can wield. Should be fun, will be posting an update later this week.

05.29.2017 -- Print-and-Play PDF set for Beta1 is ready to go, I think. It weighs in at 6 pages, 3 pages are for Heroes and Fields/Cores, the other 3 are for Minions, Gear, and Actions/Abilities, so if you want more copies of those you can print them up to play with.  Feel free to download it and check things out.



Fields of Eleria's official site is coming up, for now it'll be posted off of this site (which in turn will end up eventually transferring to my company's main site, later). 



05.26.2017 -- 2-Page Rules PDF is ready for my Beta1 Prototype! Beta1 ended up being twice as large as I planned, originally I wanted to do a faction test (Red Moon vs Vexic) but I figured testing a couple more faction pieces plus a new Master Hero might be nice, too. I've had requests to buy a copy of these early beta builds (as opposed to just downloading a print-and-play PDF) so I'll have that up on once the wait period is up, shouldn't be more than a week and a half.


I'm retooling the print-and-play PDFs so that the cards that you're allowed to have multiples of will be on their own pages, so you can just print up those if you need/want more.


05.18.2017 -- Had a lot of just 'stuff' come up post-Kawaii Kon so my apologies for getting things out to everyone late. I met a TON of awesome folks at KKon2017, it was an pleasure talking shop with everyone interested in Fields of Eleria.  I'm still getting things together, actually I have to redo a bunch of art files that got corrupted, but will have those hopefully finished up this weekend and the second half of the PDF put together.  If there's interest in an actual physically-printed version of the Beta1 PNP I'm going to have a link set up on where you can get a full-color version of the test deck.

Thank you again for all of your support, you awesome folks! I'll be updating this hopefully soon, tonight if everything goes well.

Vexic print and play preview download PDF



I'm in the middle of transferring my website over to Squarespace, I just haven't had time to work on it at all. Hopefully this will turn out... well? Good? I'm hoping for well, right now, good will come at a later date when I figure out everything.

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