Additional Rules and Play Modes


Booster Draft and Single Pack Play

Draft is a fun, skill-testing format that lets players build up new decks and archetypes out of booster pack contents. Fields of Eleria was originally designed to be a game-in-a-box, distributed with all the cards at once, but there was a lot of interest in having a smaller, more approachable game unit for those who just want to dabble and test the waters with a new game.

The game can also be played with a single pack of cards. While you'll be very limited in your card pool, you can experience a micro version of the full game and see how it feels. Pick up a couple of packs and challenge a friend to a quick duel!


Draft play consists of players sitting around in a circle–usually eight players total–and each open a booster pack, taking out the Field card along with 1 Hero card and then an additional card. Players will then pass the pack along to the next person who will pick, or draft, a card from the pack they just received before passing it on to the next player. Eventually, all of the cards from the packs will be picked and the players will repeat this process two more times, for a total of three booster packs drafted. At the end of the draft process, players will take all the cards they have and construct a 30-card deck to use with the 3 Fields they drafted.

Gameplay for Draft play follows all regular game rules, with the exceptions of your Core taking damage when you cannot draw a card, and having any maximum number of cards in your deck; you normally are limited to 1 of any Hero or Heroic card and 3 of any other card, but in Draft you can have no maximum of any card type.

There are no real rarities within the booster packs, just different quantities of card types, with the largest pool consisting of minions, wards, actions, abilities, and gear cards. In the future I may add in a couple of alternate art cards, things to make the premise of drafting and collecting more interesting, but I want Fields of Eleria to be a very approachable game that gives you a fair means to acquire all the regular cards easily.


Single Pack Play

You can play a mini-version of Fields of Eleria with just two packs of cards! Simply open the pack and remove your two Heroes and one Field card, shuffle your remaining cards which then become your 'deck', situate your Field card in front of you, and use your Booster wrapper as your Core.

Gameplay would be according to regular game rules except for the following:

  1. Your Core does not take any damage when you cannot draw any more cards.
  2. You control only one Field and your Core, as opposed to the usual three Fields and one Core.
  3. Your starting hand size is 4 and there is no mulligan.

The game ends when you deal 30 damage to your opponent's Booster Pack Core!


Thank you very much for supporting Fields of Eleria! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or contact me via social media @cobaltplasma on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and DeviantArt.

Quickstart Rules

Once you have amassed a collection of cards through draft or single-pack play, or if you pick up the Core Set, then you can start building fully customized decks that reflect your favorite play styles and archetypes. Here's a quick rundown of the regular gameplay rules for reference:


Additional Rules

  1. If you cannot draw a card for any reason, your Core takes 1 damage.
  2. When you reduce your opponent's Core's health to 0, you win the game!
  3. When constructing your deck you may put in a maximum of 1 of any Hero or Heroic card and 3 of any other cards, i.e. minions, abilities, gear, etc.
  4. A card with the Swift property may be played any time a player has priority, e.g. a Hero with Swift may be played on your opponent's turn in response to them declaring a Skirmish phase.
  5. You may freely mix any cards within your deck, you are not restricted by Factions although Faction cards tend to work well with others of the same Faction.